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ZHUHAI HOTELS: BOOK NOW WENZHOU HOTEL TO GET THE MOST DISCOUNTED RATES has the intent of take care your travel and find for you a very comfortable and discounted hotel. Zhuhai is located in the Guandong province, at south of the Pearl River Delta and in front of Hong Kong. Zhuhai is one of the five special economic zones but is also is a coastal 'garden city' with 146 charming islands. Zhuhai is famous in the world for its large green areas, and for realization of modern ecotypic model, it is often named as a most suitable place for human living. The hotels of Zhuhai are builded with these concepts. The prices of hotels bookable on are the lowest rates existing on internet.
  ♦ Guangdong Regency Hotel, Zhuhai
  ♦ Grand Bay View Hotel, Zhuhai
  ♦ Dihao Holiday Hotel, Zhuhai
  ♦ Bai Li Commercial Hotel
  ♦ Dragon Union Hotel - Zhuhai
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Zhuhai, as the modern city; the lodging is very convenient in hotel, the most of top grade hotels command the recognition from the tourists as the high - class management and the advanced ...More>>>

Hotel Name Star Price
♦ Guangdong Regency Hotel, Zhuhai49 USDBook
♦ Grand Bay View Hotel, Zhuhai88 USDBook
♦ Dihao Holiday Hotel, Zhuhai49 USDBook
♦ Bai Li Commercial Hotel35 USDBook
♦ Dragon Union Hotel - Zhuhai37 USDBook
♦ Nanyang Seascape Hotel Zhuhai54 USDBook
♦ Zhuhai Harbour View Hotel71 USDBook
♦ Nanhai Oil (Zhuhai) hotel63 USDBook
♦ Haoting Commercial Hotel, Zhuhai31 USDBook
♦ ZhuHai HongDu Hotel25 USDBook
♦ Hao Tian Holiday Hotel34 USDBook
♦ Zhuhai Yinzuo Hotel32 USDBook
♦ Haijing Wanhao Hotel18 USDBook
♦ Zhuhai Kingdo Hotel0 USDBook
♦ Harmony Resort Hotel,Zhuhai42 USDBook
♦ Zhuhai Yin Hua Hotel40 USDBook
♦ Zhuhai Liuhe Holiday Hotel32 USDBook
♦ Greenery Hotel - Zhuhai31 USDBook
Zhuahi Introduction

Zhuhai located at the southeast of Guangzhou, the east part of the city lies to Shenzhen and Hongkong across the sea, 36 sea miles from Hongkong, and 140 kilometers from ...More>>

A large stone carving of Zhuhai fishing girl stands on the censer bay, she wear the genuine pearl, sloped the fishing net, rolled up the feet of pants, handed one bright and brilliant pearl, with the ...More>>>

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